Moving beyond Facebook: Future trends for advertisers in Myanmar

When you’re in Myanmar you’ll hear the phrase “Facebook IS the internet” a lot. And you’ll see and experience it too. It really is used for everything online: searching, shopping, sharing. Meanwhile Messenger is often the first point of call for any consumer wanting to engage with a brand or business.

But a few recent developments should make us ask whether this will continue … 


Have online payments just got one step closer for Myanmar’s digital startups?

Fantastic news this month for Myanmar’s startups and entrepreneurs: The Central Bank of Myanmar has finally removed restrictions on the use of domestically issued Visa cards.

But what does this mean for startups?

Until recently, domestically issued cards couldn’t be used for purchases within the country. This meant that anyone who held a card could only use it to make payments overseas, or through overseas-based online platforms. (On top of this, if you were using one of the pre-paid cards, you often faced …